Thursday, January 15, 2009

People Die. Let's Get Indignant.

Let me first say that I do not condone or excuse the Israeli operation in Palestine. I do not wish for one innocent person’s death in that conflict.

However, what is happening there is a war. Israel IS being attacked, and most of the Arab countries surrounding it have clearly stated their enmity and refused Israel the right to exist.

I’m posting this, though, because I keep seeing a totally one-sided “debate” about the conflict, a series of “heartfelt” bleatings by 99% safe, closeted, middle-class hypocrites with short memories. This week we are not saving seal pups, we are “bleeding for Palestine.”

If you want to bleed for Palestine, go there and fight alongside Hammas.

Civilian deaths are a fact of war. It is a tragedy that a little over 1000 people have died on the Palestinian side in this recent conflict, but let’s remember, for example, that in minutes 2,800 died in the 9/11 attacks. Remember that. Perhaps all those people were “Part of the US NeoCon War Machine…” but I doubt if many (or any) thought they were such.

But have your statistic and wail about the evil Jews. How many of his kinsmen and women did Saddam Hussein kill in his reign of terror? How many of the dead of Palestine would not have died of malnutrition, poor water or poor health care if the various Palestinian Terrorists (or Freedom Fighters) had made peace with the State of Israel? How many innocents died in Bosnia?

But 80,000 died in the blink of an eye at HIROSHIMA. They were civilians, men women, children. So how about all the bleating Brits and Americans and French and Russians wailing about this conflict try shutting up? YOUR nation also committed mass murder of civilians. They did it again days later and killed another 50,000 at Nagasaki.

But the Japanese are peace-loving victims, right? How about the Rape of Nanking when they killed 300,000 and raped 20,000? Ok, then, maybe we can find some indignant Germans? No wait, there was WWII, The Holocaust, and fifteen MILLION exterminated merely for being Jewish, or Communist or handicapped or gay.

Still at least us stiff-upper-lip Brits know how to play fair. It’s not as if we killed 1.5 MILLION German civilians in WWII. We didn’t invent the fire bomb and the firestorm and kill 25000 in one night in Dresden or 50,000 in 3 nights in Hamburg?
We’re the good guys, remember?

SIXTEEN MILLION Chinese civilians died in WWII, 11,400,000 in the Soviet Union, 4,000,000 in Indonesia, 2,360,000 in Poland, 1.54 Million good Germans, 1.5 million in the Indian Empire, a million in French Indo-China, 580,000 in Japan, 514,000 in Yugoslavia, 267,00 sweet, unassuming French.

War kills. War will always kill. Palestinians and Jews will die. MILLIONS die in Africa EVERY YEAR of starvation, tribally-driven wars and famine. And every time one of these incidents trots its way to the surface, out will trot Poets Against Whatever. Get over yourselves. If you truly, truly care GO AND FUCKING DO SOMETHING. Otherwise all it is, basically, is masturbating in public.


16,200,000 China
11,400,000 Soviet Union
4,000,000 Indonesia
2,360,000 Poland
1,540,000 Nazi Germany
1,500,000 Indian Empire
1,000,000 French Indo China
580,000 Japan
514,000 Yugoslavia
378,000 Korea
300,000 The Rape of Nanking
267,000 France
250,000 Burma
220,000 Greece
212,000 Lithuania
176,000 Holland
147,000 Latvia
145,100 Italy
100,000 Malaya
95,000 Ethiopia
90,000 Phillipines
80,000 Hungary
67,100 UK
64,000 Romania
57,000 Micronesia
55,000 Estonia
55,000 Portugese Timor
50,000 Singapore
50,000 HAMBURG 27-28-29 JULY 1943
49,600 Belgium
43,000 Czechoslovakia
25,000 DRESDEN
5,800 Norway
2,800 "9/11"
2,000 Finland
2,000 Sweden
1,500 MALTA
1,300 Luxembourg

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