Friday, January 02, 2009

Word-Count Update

January 1st


2,843 Words

Some diary stuff, two flashes, two poems.

I rate one flash and I like the two poems.

This morning. six hundred words before logging on to the web or email and now I have to travel (bugger it!)

Will manage at least one flash today but I need to get some longer pieces together.

READING & Critiquing

January 1st

001 Elizabeth Baines.. Condensed Metaphysics
002 Elizabeth Baines.. The Shooting Script
003 Elizabeth Baines.. Daniel Smith Disappears off the Face of the Earth

004 Anonymous BCer Three Things
005 Anonymous BCer You, Daydream Believer
006 Anonymous BCer New Year
007 Anonymous BCer Shades of Grey
008 Anonymous BCer The Missing
009 Anonymous BCer When I Remember Cathy
010 Anonymous BCer Happiness, Wishing
011 Anonymous BCer POEM To Slit Your Own Throat
012 Anonymous BCer POEM Blenkinsop's Final Parade

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