Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Night Prompts 4 (10:45)

SET 4 (24)

Nevertheless, as yet, they are not much solely on their own account
No sunrise, no glittering cafes
Pack up the moon
People Dying is Sad
People I wanted to be
Picnic Area. Good views of the massacre.
Pose your dead
Postcards From Palestine.
Radio Masturbate
Ripped from below
Say what you experience, what the world is
Search for the reason that bids you do it
I Didn’t Know Crusade Was a Bad Word
Selective photography
She will not stop dying
Silent, Shifting, Coal
Since you have allowed me to advise you
So Jesus, the Thing Is.
So the kids can go to school
Something of your own want comes through
Spreading out its roots in the deepest recesses of your heart
Steady hands
Such pure despair

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