Saturday, January 03, 2009

3rd Jan Prompts

A cockroach, another cockroach
A romantic movement, a heavy black book
A stubbed toe, a short-lived cuddle
Big George
Blow me away
A passionate temperament
Teddy-bear, Church mouse,
Do you hear me,?
Ever since my retirement
There are fewer of us now.
Flashing lights
From the offices of the company on the 85th floor
Green & White
But I know it is him.
How black is black?
I fell in love with her almost immediately.
It could be flu
The sock factory,
No choice
Living the simple life with Paul and Linda
Lots of people will die.
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
O for a muse of fire!
On the edge of Potter's Field
Silver polish
Some 50% some 30%
The canvas slaps, flaps, but holds
Sour Milk
Trolleys clattering, half-heard voices
Two-and-a-half, maybe three
Various tiles, laid in a diamond pattern
We know that

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