Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April Prompts 7226-7250

Tuesday, April 19th, 06:40

7226 I like to look at army-surplus
7227 Father, are you my father?
7228 As you were conceived
7229 The dirty filthy trenches in his head
7230 Expect the attack at any time, especially while taking high-tea

7231 Boom!
7232 About thirty bob and a favour
7233 Germans, Gurkhas, Shoe-laces
7824 You might call this joy, but it’s complicated
7235 Fuck for the Queen!

7236 Does the rag and bone man scrub up, wear a tie to the pub?
7237 Smuggling dogs
7238 Stories about my father on the walls of urinals
7239 The Boy Stood on the Burning Deck
7240 After he was dead we reassessed things

7241 Jam by the gallon, butter by the barrel
7242 Oh Captain! My Captain! (Please Fuck Off)
7243 The smell of burning rubber, and something else
7244 The other side of the wire
7245 Bones, when boiled, slapped into books

7246 The smile of a former SS General
7247 We will survive, we shall overcome. We cannot forget,
7248 Dark men in darker alleys
7249 Nearly midnight, downhill

7250 Four kids, three balloons

Friday, April 15, 2016

April Prompts 4701-4725

Friday April 15th 08:39

4701 From the Lonely to those alone
4702 Waiting to be sick
4703 Breakfast with Mario
4704 Who is you favourite Beatle and why?
4705 Goldilocks Jones

4706 Exercises with the C-Word
4707 Annual Convention for Serial-Killers, Brighton
4708 The Price of Inequality
4709 A Book of Shirt Stories
4710 The Sound of Sirens, too late

4711 Ah, Perfume!
4712 Digging up Churchill
4713 Why the Surgeon hates the doctor
4714 I never promised you a rose-garden
4715 A very special offer from Pizza Express

4716 The books I never read
4717 With Cedric on Spike Island
4718 Good Night and Good Riddance
4719 Small Pieces of Perfect, Exquisite Light
4720 Investigating the well. We will get to the bottom of it.

4721 Lawrence of Belgravia
4722 If This is a Woman
4723 My Commonwealth of Thieves
4724 How to Speak Money

4725 When, at the end you realise you should never have started

Thursday, April 14, 2016

March Prompts 7176-7200

Thursday, April 14th, 06:20

7176 Under dark Vestments, Behind the Burkha
7177 It does not follow that I wish to be here
7178 A connoisseur of rubbish
7179 The Smell of Burning Plastic
7180 How is the heart, Jack?

7181 A Postcard a day, never missing
7182 Paper blown across streets, into houses
7183 Making Jam
7184 LACW Hall, S
7185 The dark fat queen

7186 The Rag & Bone Man, Goldish, Balloons
7187 This is my very tiny home
7188 The Honolulu Penny
7189 “Listen, very carefully. I will say this only once.”
7190 A Bad Back

7191 Made in Hong Kong
7192 Bicycle, Onions, Beret
7193 Husband, Wife, Dog, Car, Child
7194 The Art and Craft of Patience Strong
7195 Mrs Mangle’s Secret Ambition

7196 The shadowy streets, the corners, the alleyways
7197 The sad demise of Jeremiah Hawkins, JP
7198 Ladies, Gentlemen, The wanker in the Back
7199 Angels in soft white dresses

7200 Where I would prefer not to be

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

March Prompts 7151-7175

Wednesday, April 13th, 13:00

7151 I got this
7152 “Let me die a young man’s death”
7153 Brave New Blackpool
7154 He’s a bit “Sir Francis Drake”
7155 My favourite leather belt

7156 The way insects hit the windscreen
7157 Buck Off
7158 Now, not next week is our saddest moment
7159 It’s coffee, at least it’s brown
7160 SPIN!

7161 Her life after sunset
7162 Wanted Rich Sex-Maniac with Library
7163 Lock, Stock, Barrel, Hammer
7164 Rain light fists on a Tin Roof
7165 The Zen of Coffee-Making

7166 From my bed I hear it, hear it.
7167 She wanted dogs, but had babies as a substitute
7168 Go With the Flow if you like, Niagara
7169 A Lake like Mercury
7170 Job Half-Done and Proud

7171 Ways of dying disgracefully
7172 Girls with painted arms, rings on their toes
7173 India is a Foreign Country
7174 Leaving it in to soak
7175 No, this is cartilage, THAT’s bone

March Prompts 7126-7150

Wednesday, April 13th, 07:40

7126 My proud little boy; his proud little salute!
7127 I wouldn’t try to get there from yur
7128 Her soul was cracked and bleeding
7129 I am thinking of the click of glasses, the trickle of amber
7130 Or I could live, I suppose

7131 He is sort of impressive in a dead-Hitler way
7132 I would like to be an aged professor seduced by a student
7133 I’m bored. Can we copulate?
7134 Is it true Vaseline burns, hot-lips?
7135 Her heart was like a hot wet rat

7136 Kiss me! Kiss me! Share my pain!
7137 I could save Africa or buy a house in Croydon
7138 An evening with Ken Livingstone
7139 Dearest Mother, Will you just fuck off?
7140 I will put some French in a poem

7141 The Magic Cash-Dispenser
7142 NOT a good idea
7143 The Camel-Bollock Squashing Technique
7144 Truth Lenses
7145 As bent as a nine-bob note

7146 Wanna get bored together, complain about the heat?
7147 If I was normal, I’d —
7148 Never mind the fucking Elephant in the Room
7149 What about the body in the trunk?

7150 Things can only get better (excluding the million dead)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

March Prompts 7101-7125

Tuesday, April 12th, 01:45

7101 We met at an ancient inn on the forest’s edge
7102 A shoe.
7103 The smell of earth uncovered
7104 When I nod my head, hit it.
7105 As the light flashes upon the river

7106 John Brown, eighty-eight, murderer
7107 Would Sir like his porridge?
7108 How nice we still meet and pretend not to hate each other
7109 I have known you too long, too well
7110 This is the field, this is the wind, this is the bending corn

7111 The elephant is a funny bird
7112 GRASS
7113 All those with itchy arses raise your hands
7114 Tell me about the buildings that were here
7115 Sometimes it is better to just be quiet

7116 Thirty-three Kilograms in 9 months
7117 The houses with gardens that ran into the river
7118 I could not be there so I sent a smile
7119 I don’t believe in ghosts: have seen three.
7120 I will speak slowly, as if important

7121 The man I killed is now my friend
7122 S.W.A.L.K.
7123 Priests and Other demons
7124 Ignore me. Ignore this. Ignore me saying ignore me.

7125 It is better for the widow to hammer in the nail

Monday, April 11, 2016

March Prompts 7076-7100

Monday, April 11th, 016:20

7076 The drums in the hills, soft, unceasing
7077 Nameless stones, forgotten messages
7078 That’s the thing with bombs
7079 The Blacksmith’s Son
7080 The Women around the fountain, the men at the well

7081 The tribes, their tents, the animals
7082 Time, Gentlemen, Please!
7083 The Dog and the dog’s dog
7084 After the Fair
7085 A Pox on the Queen of England

7086 The earth changes, dies
7087 Do not look in the mirror at night
7088 Persuade me!
7089 Uphill all the way there; uphill all the way back
7090 There is music, mother. Do you hear it?

7091 Horizontal, perpendicular, point, infinity
7092 I need something dark, something solid, a song
7093 A fine boot in the stirrup
7094 How a pair of brown eyes can undo a man
7095 I think your mother is Mad. I know you are

7096 Words tasting of brown sugar
7097 Mum, there’s a lion on the sofa
7098 Get me my fiddle, Martha!
7099 Workmanship, Craft, Art, Fine Art

7100 I will keep this soul, but will discard the body

Sunday, April 10, 2016

March Prompts 7051-7075

Sunday, April 10th, 07:05

7051 What the President asks of us, nothing less
7052 I am not profiting from that fund
7053 Toys, Butterflies
7054 And the hearts of those who hate
7055 Built like a tank, voice like a grenade

7056 A Zinc Bucket
7057 I am troubled by the vastness and emptiness of things
7058 Goodbye Cruel World!
7059 Say something gentle and surprise me
7060 I did not have sexual relations with that woman

7061 We are nearing the finish line
7062 A little bit of Jesus
7063 You read The Daily Mail, The Telegraph
7064 The Terrorists Counts His Bombs
7065 The paleness of your skin as the love departs

7066 When the night sky is like a shiny shell
7067 Eight ironed pillowcases
7068 We are walking on bones
7069 I try not to kill insects, people
7070 The promise of the kind lie

7071 All the world’s a revolving stage
7072 We will open the eyes of the blind
7073 March!
7074 If I ever could hear you I would ignore you

7075 The weight in my bowels

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Wednesday, April 6th, 10:00

7026 Thinks of music, of poetry, of moons.
7027 We would like you to come to the clinic for tests
7028 The Baker is married now
7029 Blodwen arrived at five-to-eight, flustered
7030 Bucket, Spade, Condom

7031 Killing time in Wimbledon
7032 What happened that time in The Lakes
7033 There are not enough clich├ęs here, please add some more
7034 He only lived five minutes away
7035 Putting things away fro a rainy day

7036 I am tired, I am tired, I am so very, very tired.
7037 Cousins
7038 Please bring a fresh sample of urine
7039 Poor Ute, sad Ute
7040 The severity of your systems

7041 Ha Bloody Ha!
7042 When even High-Vis is not enough
7043 Earphones
7044 Pissed off, in pain, stuck at a desk
7045 I need to get this over with asap

7046 Eighteen glasses, one broken
7047 With a thick finger, he cut the call
7048 Harold Hopkins, Probably Deceased
7049 Hiss

7050 When the pain-killers are not enough

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

March Prompts 7001-7025
Tuesday, April 5th, 06:00

7001 Folk Songs, ridiculous beards
7002 Almost done, but there is little satisfaction
7003 “Always remember the longer you live, the sooner you’re going to die.”
7004 The shssssnnnsh of cars passing in the rain
7005 Lard or Dripping?

7006 I would just like to love once more
7007 That, sister, was so good!
7008 Manhattan
7009 You have lit me up
7010 Give us this day our daily dead

7011 I see the stickiness of it all, the pointlessness
7012 Witches, bitches, me of ill repute
7013 Please, we cannot stop you, but this is not in our name
7014 Serpent, Bush, Apple iPhone
7015 Letters on paper, letters on screen

7016 Across the Aegean. Then sent back
7017 All are bone, are flesh, are water, are shit
7019 Wimbledon, sans Tennis
7020 At least we are here, where are the shovels?

7021 We will never be newer
7022 I am too tired right now to contemplate it
7023 I have been here before. This is what I did.
7024 TRUCK

7025 I agree with the trees. The wind is too argumentative

Monday, April 04, 2016

March Prompts 6976-7000
Monday, April 4th, 07:30

6976 As we remember lovers and those who only took us.
6977 One day, perhaps, new bones, new skin
6979 Through a gap in the clouds, almost home
6980 I am trying to forget your face

6981 You cannot stand in a great forest without feeling the power
6982 The rich the rifle, the poor their bullets
6983 He was a serial killer, but spread it out for decency
6984 The rain on windows
6985 This is how fire is, glorious while it kills us

6086 I met myself
6987 The forest is hungry, mischievous
6988 What do they imagine is good? What do they read?
6989 Just dance, dance, and do not ever stop
6990 You have set me alight, thank-you

6991 This is the last one. You may have your hammer back now.
6992 Reading one hundred terrible stories
6993 I shall fall in love with a soldier
6994 Plums in a small brown bag
6995 I am almost there

6996 I need to hear something beautiful. Be new for me.
6997 Trapped in a lift with the writers
6998 Fuck. This. Kill. Me.
6999 At some point death will come sweet

7000 This is just how it is and too high a number

Sunday, April 03, 2016

March Prompts 6951-6975
Sunday, April 3rd, 23:15

6951 The banging of a shutter in the wind
6952 The various flowers in the bouquet
6953 I went there tomorrow but I hadn’t arrived
6954 Just because a man is a cobbler don’t think he understands leather
6955 So you want to be a journalist…

6956 Famine Over, I Clicked LIKE!
6957 Two Skeletons: One says, “Have you lost weight?”
6958 The hole in time
6959 Syria 2066
6960 The sound of 50 cc ‘motorbikes”

6961 I could try to fix it myself
6962 Interview in Wimbledon
6963 Here, I feel, I should interrupt and suggest another course
6964 Drip, Drip, Drip. Plop!
6965 An ancient perambulator

6966 You stopped at the end of the lane, but you didn’t turn round
6967 Chocolate Fingers
6968 I am here, all bar the insults
6969 David Cameron’s Shit and David Cameron’s Shit’s Shit
6970 Imagine me with my mind still here

6971 There is something about childhood; was it all imagined?
6972 Is he still alive or just pretending to be?
6973 You don’t hear the explosion that kills you
6974 The moon is bigger over London

6975 Dogs bark. It rains sometimes