Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April Prompts 7226-7250

Tuesday, April 19th, 06:40

7226 I like to look at army-surplus
7227 Father, are you my father?
7228 As you were conceived
7229 The dirty filthy trenches in his head
7230 Expect the attack at any time, especially while taking high-tea

7231 Boom!
7232 About thirty bob and a favour
7233 Germans, Gurkhas, Shoe-laces
7824 You might call this joy, but it’s complicated
7235 Fuck for the Queen!

7236 Does the rag and bone man scrub up, wear a tie to the pub?
7237 Smuggling dogs
7238 Stories about my father on the walls of urinals
7239 The Boy Stood on the Burning Deck
7240 After he was dead we reassessed things

7241 Jam by the gallon, butter by the barrel
7242 Oh Captain! My Captain! (Please Fuck Off)
7243 The smell of burning rubber, and something else
7244 The other side of the wire
7245 Bones, when boiled, slapped into books

7246 The smile of a former SS General
7247 We will survive, we shall overcome. We cannot forget,
7248 Dark men in darker alleys
7249 Nearly midnight, downhill

7250 Four kids, three balloons

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