Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Wednesday, April 6th, 10:00

7026 Thinks of music, of poetry, of moons.
7027 We would like you to come to the clinic for tests
7028 The Baker is married now
7029 Blodwen arrived at five-to-eight, flustered
7030 Bucket, Spade, Condom

7031 Killing time in Wimbledon
7032 What happened that time in The Lakes
7033 There are not enough clich├ęs here, please add some more
7034 He only lived five minutes away
7035 Putting things away fro a rainy day

7036 I am tired, I am tired, I am so very, very tired.
7037 Cousins
7038 Please bring a fresh sample of urine
7039 Poor Ute, sad Ute
7040 The severity of your systems

7041 Ha Bloody Ha!
7042 When even High-Vis is not enough
7043 Earphones
7044 Pissed off, in pain, stuck at a desk
7045 I need to get this over with asap

7046 Eighteen glasses, one broken
7047 With a thick finger, he cut the call
7048 Harold Hopkins, Probably Deceased
7049 Hiss

7050 When the pain-killers are not enough

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