Friday, April 15, 2016

April Prompts 4701-4725

Friday April 15th 08:39

4701 From the Lonely to those alone
4702 Waiting to be sick
4703 Breakfast with Mario
4704 Who is you favourite Beatle and why?
4705 Goldilocks Jones

4706 Exercises with the C-Word
4707 Annual Convention for Serial-Killers, Brighton
4708 The Price of Inequality
4709 A Book of Shirt Stories
4710 The Sound of Sirens, too late

4711 Ah, Perfume!
4712 Digging up Churchill
4713 Why the Surgeon hates the doctor
4714 I never promised you a rose-garden
4715 A very special offer from Pizza Express

4716 The books I never read
4717 With Cedric on Spike Island
4718 Good Night and Good Riddance
4719 Small Pieces of Perfect, Exquisite Light
4720 Investigating the well. We will get to the bottom of it.

4721 Lawrence of Belgravia
4722 If This is a Woman
4723 My Commonwealth of Thieves
4724 How to Speak Money

4725 When, at the end you realise you should never have started

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