Wednesday, April 13, 2016

March Prompts 7151-7175

Wednesday, April 13th, 13:00

7151 I got this
7152 “Let me die a young man’s death”
7153 Brave New Blackpool
7154 He’s a bit “Sir Francis Drake”
7155 My favourite leather belt

7156 The way insects hit the windscreen
7157 Buck Off
7158 Now, not next week is our saddest moment
7159 It’s coffee, at least it’s brown
7160 SPIN!

7161 Her life after sunset
7162 Wanted Rich Sex-Maniac with Library
7163 Lock, Stock, Barrel, Hammer
7164 Rain light fists on a Tin Roof
7165 The Zen of Coffee-Making

7166 From my bed I hear it, hear it.
7167 She wanted dogs, but had babies as a substitute
7168 Go With the Flow if you like, Niagara
7169 A Lake like Mercury
7170 Job Half-Done and Proud

7171 Ways of dying disgracefully
7172 Girls with painted arms, rings on their toes
7173 India is a Foreign Country
7174 Leaving it in to soak
7175 No, this is cartilage, THAT’s bone

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