Monday, April 04, 2016

March Prompts 6976-7000
Monday, April 4th, 07:30

6976 As we remember lovers and those who only took us.
6977 One day, perhaps, new bones, new skin
6979 Through a gap in the clouds, almost home
6980 I am trying to forget your face

6981 You cannot stand in a great forest without feeling the power
6982 The rich the rifle, the poor their bullets
6983 He was a serial killer, but spread it out for decency
6984 The rain on windows
6985 This is how fire is, glorious while it kills us

6086 I met myself
6987 The forest is hungry, mischievous
6988 What do they imagine is good? What do they read?
6989 Just dance, dance, and do not ever stop
6990 You have set me alight, thank-you

6991 This is the last one. You may have your hammer back now.
6992 Reading one hundred terrible stories
6993 I shall fall in love with a soldier
6994 Plums in a small brown bag
6995 I am almost there

6996 I need to hear something beautiful. Be new for me.
6997 Trapped in a lift with the writers
6998 Fuck. This. Kill. Me.
6999 At some point death will come sweet

7000 This is just how it is and too high a number

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