Thursday, April 14, 2016

March Prompts 7176-7200

Thursday, April 14th, 06:20

7176 Under dark Vestments, Behind the Burkha
7177 It does not follow that I wish to be here
7178 A connoisseur of rubbish
7179 The Smell of Burning Plastic
7180 How is the heart, Jack?

7181 A Postcard a day, never missing
7182 Paper blown across streets, into houses
7183 Making Jam
7184 LACW Hall, S
7185 The dark fat queen

7186 The Rag & Bone Man, Goldish, Balloons
7187 This is my very tiny home
7188 The Honolulu Penny
7189 “Listen, very carefully. I will say this only once.”
7190 A Bad Back

7191 Made in Hong Kong
7192 Bicycle, Onions, Beret
7193 Husband, Wife, Dog, Car, Child
7194 The Art and Craft of Patience Strong
7195 Mrs Mangle’s Secret Ambition

7196 The shadowy streets, the corners, the alleyways
7197 The sad demise of Jeremiah Hawkins, JP
7198 Ladies, Gentlemen, The wanker in the Back
7199 Angels in soft white dresses

7200 Where I would prefer not to be

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