Tuesday, April 05, 2016

March Prompts 7001-7025
Tuesday, April 5th, 06:00

7001 Folk Songs, ridiculous beards
7002 Almost done, but there is little satisfaction
7003 “Always remember the longer you live, the sooner you’re going to die.”
7004 The shssssnnnsh of cars passing in the rain
7005 Lard or Dripping?

7006 I would just like to love once more
7007 That, sister, was so good!
7008 Manhattan
7009 You have lit me up
7010 Give us this day our daily dead

7011 I see the stickiness of it all, the pointlessness
7012 Witches, bitches, me of ill repute
7013 Please, we cannot stop you, but this is not in our name
7014 Serpent, Bush, Apple iPhone
7015 Letters on paper, letters on screen

7016 Across the Aegean. Then sent back
7017 All are bone, are flesh, are water, are shit
7019 Wimbledon, sans Tennis
7020 At least we are here, where are the shovels?

7021 We will never be newer
7022 I am too tired right now to contemplate it
7023 I have been here before. This is what I did.
7024 TRUCK

7025 I agree with the trees. The wind is too argumentative

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