Thursday, July 21, 2016


Hopefully you will get the point here.

This isn't George. You could be George.

That's me above in the stripes.

Meet George

George is, frankly, a near-saint. He is a pacifist, tries not to kill insects, is a vegetarian because he thinks it wrong to kill animals. He has green values, avoids excess, won't drive a car. He lives alone in a small flat, modestly. He is an English teacher and a writer and would work deep into the night to help a student, for no other reason than he wants people to succeed.

Many years ago, George was a Cub Scout and then a Boy-Scout. When he was still a cub, allegations of inappropriate touching were made against a cub-leader who was eventually jailed. That man allegedly touched George's friend (1), who as it happened, in later life, ten or more years after the last time that he and George spoke worked as a rent-boy (2), got into drugs and died of AIDS.

These days, George wants to give even more back and has retrained and works a a Scout-Leader. He loves to see the joy on the faces of kids learning to make a fire or tie a knot (3). 

He absolutely loves the summer camps etc. (4)

On one camp, a few boys, NOT under George's jurisdiction sneak out to play in a river and two drown.

George is shocked and, even though it wasn't his fault, he decides to become a politician (6) to work to protect children from predators, to keep them safe from harm. to campaign for ways to develop young people (as girls now are also in the packs). (7)

Now, George is also a Socialist, and somehow (he really isn't sure how) he comes close to power (8). George never really wanted power but he believes in democracy and has a sense of duty.

But now "forces" want to portray George as something he is not.

(1) George Bland linked to paedophile ring in 1990s Scandal.

(2) Bland's rent-boy association. AIDS-riddled friend dies of drugs overdose.

(3) Bland "a little bit close" to innocent youngsters in tying up games.

(4) Bland enjoys romps in woods with innocent children. Did he not learn 1990's lesson?

(5) Kids drown while Bland sleeps on watch. Bland forced to resign.

(6) Poacher turned Gamekeeper. Candidate linked to historical paedophile cases now says he wants to fight to protect kids!

(7) It's no longer just young boys. Now Bland linked to 8-Year old girls!

[8] I can't-drive Bland Transport Minister? How stupid does it get?

(9) Vegetarian Bland says I'm no PM (but stands anyway)

(10) Vegetarian, insect-loving friend of rent-boys and drug-addicts, who loves nothing more than a weekend in the woods with ten year old boys (and girls!), a man associated with jailed pervert Conrad Xxxxxxx, now asks you to vote for him!

Sunday, July 03, 2016
















In the final week of the Brexit debate, the Prime Minister, David Cameron appeared on a BBC Question Time Special.

He was introduced by a BBC “Legend”, appeared in a special constructed studio setting with an audience carefully at a distance, all in front of him. The PM stood on a raised dais in front of dramatic coloured backgrounds.

If you take a snapshot of the PM as the people would have seen him (or as TV showed him) he is placed in a position of power, nice “regal” colours, no distraction…

Note below, the relatively polite arms raised, the almost regal setting

You can watch the whole of the debate here:

Contrast this with how SKY presented Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn was placed in a room that looked more like a canteen.

There were windows behind him with distractions.

An awkward SKY NEWS poster distracted the eye

There was no pomp, no circumstance. Prior to Jeremy speaking SKY had two nonentities jabbering about Brexit on the sidelines. These two remained close by during Jeremy’s presentation.

No dais, no regal backdrop. Instead Jeremy was presented with a high “kitchen chair”, had to walk through the higgledy-piggledy crowd to reach his seat, and sat with people in front, to his side and some behind.

IMO there was a conscious effort to present him as if this was a meeting in a church hall. It was amateurish and made Jeremy look like a councillor, not a statesman.


This was SKY’s “Big Moment”, so why was the presentation so unbelievably bad? Why did Labour’s campaign people allow such a terrible setting, a setting which “lowered the status” of the leader of the opposition?

When Theresa May was presented at the start of her campaign, she appeared in a carefully arranged setting, surrounded by mahogany, backed by book-shelves.

More often than not JC is presented walking across a field, being jostled, harassed by reporters. Ask yourself why this happens time after time after time.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April Prompts 7226-7250

Tuesday, April 19th, 06:40

7226 I like to look at army-surplus
7227 Father, are you my father?
7228 As you were conceived
7229 The dirty filthy trenches in his head
7230 Expect the attack at any time, especially while taking high-tea

7231 Boom!
7232 About thirty bob and a favour
7233 Germans, Gurkhas, Shoe-laces
7824 You might call this joy, but it’s complicated
7235 Fuck for the Queen!

7236 Does the rag and bone man scrub up, wear a tie to the pub?
7237 Smuggling dogs
7238 Stories about my father on the walls of urinals
7239 The Boy Stood on the Burning Deck
7240 After he was dead we reassessed things

7241 Jam by the gallon, butter by the barrel
7242 Oh Captain! My Captain! (Please Fuck Off)
7243 The smell of burning rubber, and something else
7244 The other side of the wire
7245 Bones, when boiled, slapped into books

7246 The smile of a former SS General
7247 We will survive, we shall overcome. We cannot forget,
7248 Dark men in darker alleys
7249 Nearly midnight, downhill

7250 Four kids, three balloons

Friday, April 15, 2016

April Prompts 4701-4725

Friday April 15th 08:39

4701 From the Lonely to those alone
4702 Waiting to be sick
4703 Breakfast with Mario
4704 Who is you favourite Beatle and why?
4705 Goldilocks Jones

4706 Exercises with the C-Word
4707 Annual Convention for Serial-Killers, Brighton
4708 The Price of Inequality
4709 A Book of Shirt Stories
4710 The Sound of Sirens, too late

4711 Ah, Perfume!
4712 Digging up Churchill
4713 Why the Surgeon hates the doctor
4714 I never promised you a rose-garden
4715 A very special offer from Pizza Express

4716 The books I never read
4717 With Cedric on Spike Island
4718 Good Night and Good Riddance
4719 Small Pieces of Perfect, Exquisite Light
4720 Investigating the well. We will get to the bottom of it.

4721 Lawrence of Belgravia
4722 If This is a Woman
4723 My Commonwealth of Thieves
4724 How to Speak Money

4725 When, at the end you realise you should never have started

Thursday, April 14, 2016

March Prompts 7176-7200

Thursday, April 14th, 06:20

7176 Under dark Vestments, Behind the Burkha
7177 It does not follow that I wish to be here
7178 A connoisseur of rubbish
7179 The Smell of Burning Plastic
7180 How is the heart, Jack?

7181 A Postcard a day, never missing
7182 Paper blown across streets, into houses
7183 Making Jam
7184 LACW Hall, S
7185 The dark fat queen

7186 The Rag & Bone Man, Goldish, Balloons
7187 This is my very tiny home
7188 The Honolulu Penny
7189 “Listen, very carefully. I will say this only once.”
7190 A Bad Back

7191 Made in Hong Kong
7192 Bicycle, Onions, Beret
7193 Husband, Wife, Dog, Car, Child
7194 The Art and Craft of Patience Strong
7195 Mrs Mangle’s Secret Ambition

7196 The shadowy streets, the corners, the alleyways
7197 The sad demise of Jeremiah Hawkins, JP
7198 Ladies, Gentlemen, The wanker in the Back
7199 Angels in soft white dresses

7200 Where I would prefer not to be

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

March Prompts 7151-7175

Wednesday, April 13th, 13:00

7151 I got this
7152 “Let me die a young man’s death”
7153 Brave New Blackpool
7154 He’s a bit “Sir Francis Drake”
7155 My favourite leather belt

7156 The way insects hit the windscreen
7157 Buck Off
7158 Now, not next week is our saddest moment
7159 It’s coffee, at least it’s brown
7160 SPIN!

7161 Her life after sunset
7162 Wanted Rich Sex-Maniac with Library
7163 Lock, Stock, Barrel, Hammer
7164 Rain light fists on a Tin Roof
7165 The Zen of Coffee-Making

7166 From my bed I hear it, hear it.
7167 She wanted dogs, but had babies as a substitute
7168 Go With the Flow if you like, Niagara
7169 A Lake like Mercury
7170 Job Half-Done and Proud

7171 Ways of dying disgracefully
7172 Girls with painted arms, rings on their toes
7173 India is a Foreign Country
7174 Leaving it in to soak
7175 No, this is cartilage, THAT’s bone

March Prompts 7126-7150

Wednesday, April 13th, 07:40

7126 My proud little boy; his proud little salute!
7127 I wouldn’t try to get there from yur
7128 Her soul was cracked and bleeding
7129 I am thinking of the click of glasses, the trickle of amber
7130 Or I could live, I suppose

7131 He is sort of impressive in a dead-Hitler way
7132 I would like to be an aged professor seduced by a student
7133 I’m bored. Can we copulate?
7134 Is it true Vaseline burns, hot-lips?
7135 Her heart was like a hot wet rat

7136 Kiss me! Kiss me! Share my pain!
7137 I could save Africa or buy a house in Croydon
7138 An evening with Ken Livingstone
7139 Dearest Mother, Will you just fuck off?
7140 I will put some French in a poem

7141 The Magic Cash-Dispenser
7142 NOT a good idea
7143 The Camel-Bollock Squashing Technique
7144 Truth Lenses
7145 As bent as a nine-bob note

7146 Wanna get bored together, complain about the heat?
7147 If I was normal, I’d —
7148 Never mind the fucking Elephant in the Room
7149 What about the body in the trunk?

7150 Things can only get better (excluding the million dead)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

March Prompts 7101-7125

Tuesday, April 12th, 01:45

7101 We met at an ancient inn on the forest’s edge
7102 A shoe.
7103 The smell of earth uncovered
7104 When I nod my head, hit it.
7105 As the light flashes upon the river

7106 John Brown, eighty-eight, murderer
7107 Would Sir like his porridge?
7108 How nice we still meet and pretend not to hate each other
7109 I have known you too long, too well
7110 This is the field, this is the wind, this is the bending corn

7111 The elephant is a funny bird
7112 GRASS
7113 All those with itchy arses raise your hands
7114 Tell me about the buildings that were here
7115 Sometimes it is better to just be quiet

7116 Thirty-three Kilograms in 9 months
7117 The houses with gardens that ran into the river
7118 I could not be there so I sent a smile
7119 I don’t believe in ghosts: have seen three.
7120 I will speak slowly, as if important

7121 The man I killed is now my friend
7122 S.W.A.L.K.
7123 Priests and Other demons
7124 Ignore me. Ignore this. Ignore me saying ignore me.

7125 It is better for the widow to hammer in the nail

Monday, April 11, 2016

March Prompts 7076-7100

Monday, April 11th, 016:20

7076 The drums in the hills, soft, unceasing
7077 Nameless stones, forgotten messages
7078 That’s the thing with bombs
7079 The Blacksmith’s Son
7080 The Women around the fountain, the men at the well

7081 The tribes, their tents, the animals
7082 Time, Gentlemen, Please!
7083 The Dog and the dog’s dog
7084 After the Fair
7085 A Pox on the Queen of England

7086 The earth changes, dies
7087 Do not look in the mirror at night
7088 Persuade me!
7089 Uphill all the way there; uphill all the way back
7090 There is music, mother. Do you hear it?

7091 Horizontal, perpendicular, point, infinity
7092 I need something dark, something solid, a song
7093 A fine boot in the stirrup
7094 How a pair of brown eyes can undo a man
7095 I think your mother is Mad. I know you are

7096 Words tasting of brown sugar
7097 Mum, there’s a lion on the sofa
7098 Get me my fiddle, Martha!
7099 Workmanship, Craft, Art, Fine Art

7100 I will keep this soul, but will discard the body