Thursday, July 21, 2016


Hopefully you will get the point here.

This isn't George. You could be George.

That's me above in the stripes.

Meet George

George is, frankly, a near-saint. He is a pacifist, tries not to kill insects, is a vegetarian because he thinks it wrong to kill animals. He has green values, avoids excess, won't drive a car. He lives alone in a small flat, modestly. He is an English teacher and a writer and would work deep into the night to help a student, for no other reason than he wants people to succeed.

Many years ago, George was a Cub Scout and then a Boy-Scout. When he was still a cub, allegations of inappropriate touching were made against a cub-leader who was eventually jailed. That man allegedly touched George's friend (1), who as it happened, in later life, ten or more years after the last time that he and George spoke worked as a rent-boy (2), got into drugs and died of AIDS.

These days, George wants to give even more back and has retrained and works a a Scout-Leader. He loves to see the joy on the faces of kids learning to make a fire or tie a knot (3). 

He absolutely loves the summer camps etc. (4)

On one camp, a few boys, NOT under George's jurisdiction sneak out to play in a river and two drown.

George is shocked and, even though it wasn't his fault, he decides to become a politician (6) to work to protect children from predators, to keep them safe from harm. to campaign for ways to develop young people (as girls now are also in the packs). (7)

Now, George is also a Socialist, and somehow (he really isn't sure how) he comes close to power (8). George never really wanted power but he believes in democracy and has a sense of duty.

But now "forces" want to portray George as something he is not.

(1) George Bland linked to paedophile ring in 1990s Scandal.

(2) Bland's rent-boy association. AIDS-riddled friend dies of drugs overdose.

(3) Bland "a little bit close" to innocent youngsters in tying up games.

(4) Bland enjoys romps in woods with innocent children. Did he not learn 1990's lesson?

(5) Kids drown while Bland sleeps on watch. Bland forced to resign.

(6) Poacher turned Gamekeeper. Candidate linked to historical paedophile cases now says he wants to fight to protect kids!

(7) It's no longer just young boys. Now Bland linked to 8-Year old girls!

[8] I can't-drive Bland Transport Minister? How stupid does it get?

(9) Vegetarian Bland says I'm no PM (but stands anyway)

(10) Vegetarian, insect-loving friend of rent-boys and drug-addicts, who loves nothing more than a weekend in the woods with ten year old boys (and girls!), a man associated with jailed pervert Conrad Xxxxxxx, now asks you to vote for him!

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