Thursday, October 15, 2020

 I am shocked that it's been over four years!

I took a one-year writing break to recharge and get skinny and fit, that became two years, then three.

I did that then got Covid followed by Long-Covid.

I still have long-haul, joy!

But I'm back and posting flash/poem prompts

Here is a set. Write to me if you want to chat about how to use prompts (there is a real art).

I posted this set of prompts about 11:05 UK time

01 A quiet afternoon, a soft, lazy river

02 Ah, we were young and easy then

03 Time to archive our childish things

04 Remember!

05 A child ran out


06 I admit it, I am not lonely

07 We pressed your button, you began to tick

08 Far off, a woman singing

09 My Probation Officer wear Chanel

10 Never lose with dignity


11 The sea is patient

12 A long leather coat, Herr Schmidt

13 Please don’t ask me to grow up

14 Pomegranate

15 It is midnight. Why is the sky so bright?


16 If full of care, no time to stare?

17 Tack

18 This house breathes coldness

19 Seeds, water, time

20 The moon bleeds heavy tears


21 Whatever else DO NOT COUGH!

22 I fancy dark glasses, Chicago

23 We don’t make love, but fuck sometimes

24 A Room, a Bed, a Window

25 Let’s murder Mum & Dad 

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