Thursday, October 22, 2020

 Thursday, October 22nd. 11:16


01 The light upon the ice
02 On a poem, scribbled red, “Harper 724”
03 In dark corners, in airless alleyways
04 Bury me in Lycra, leave my hair uncombed
05 We had hoped to soften men

06 I held out my hand, you took my wrist
07 An ice-cream van to lead parades
08 Morning betrayed you
09 His cell, his narrow dialect
10 Wearing shorts, leathery, a sweat-stained, salty hat

11 You were naked as you jumped: tremendous!
12 At Costa, the virus, waits outside the door
13 Lest we forget, most died frightened
14 What colours are the months?
15 A side effect of condensation

16 Drums under snow
17 Today, your last lesson, tomorrow you teach.
18 Such as the earth is, hopeless, waiting
19 I do not expect applause
20 The sandbag wall is a nice touch

21 We are burning trash: putting out dead children
22 The clink of bottles on the step
23 The all the nations sang together
24 It is warm upon my rock
25 Yes, yes, but what if I AM an alien?

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