Monday, October 19, 2020

 October 19th 09:48

01 The sound of horses walking, the coughs of men
02 Before the world was wild.
03 He sculpts in coal and makes majestic fires.
04 Potatoes, Carrots, a femur
05 I have sold my tractor. I have gun.

06 My puncture repair kit
07 They are mining chocolate in Peru
08 Exactly nine months later
09 ICE, Salt.
10 A laughing tribe, the women weeping

11 We sit on a branch to dry out
12 When I growed up.
13 Humble Pi.
14 We strongly suggest you try another method
15 Some poets are just not right for this

16 As the sky falls things darken
17 Every Car Pink, a Pink Car Nation
18 Owl
19 He has changed his name from McLintock
20 He speaks a rare dialect, hides.

21 No all wildernesses are wild
22 Poverty comes in through the window
23 The ballerina and the swineherd
24 GIs with their spears, natives with AKs.
25 I am done now, fetch my horse

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