Friday, October 16, 2020

 Friday October 16th, 18:14

More Prompts

01 We set to and began to row, the women singing

02 Perfect soft-boiled eggs

03 Ecumenical

04 No-one says, “This prose is dangerous”

05 Run it under a tap, love


06 Who Made You? God Made Me!

07 Hard, hard, heavy, dark

08 The Bucket Method

09 To hold the furnace

10 The angel I met in Tescos


11 A 4x4 to Libya

12 God and me, out on the piss

13 Men, women, buying, selling

14 My father’s rancid dog

15 Right now, a thousand women…


16 Your head upon your shoulders

17 We need to adjust our situation

18 Scarlet

19 Sherbet Lemons, Chocolate Eclairs



21 Between the body and the mind

22 Love: the bloody armistice!

23 But apart from that, how’s things?

24 Passion, a stove with no lid

25 When it’s called finished

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