Friday, October 16, 2020

 More Prompts

01 Your wild furies

02 Slow as the world turning

03 At first it didn’t bleed

04 They are all here, I am ready

05 A Postcard, my collected poems


06 What could make us whole?

07 I planted a tree. It died too

08 Your absence has been extended

09 This is how division ends

10 Flux


11 I’m tired, could you dream for me?

12 Mrs Pianoforte’s Secret

13 On the Street Where You Live

14 Sergeant Pepper RIP

15 I did, but not again.


16 A mouth full of dusty planets

17 I am coming down with something, Mrs Taft

18 Wait and see if anyone salutes

19 I had a friend once

20 Candle, Candle, Candle


21 The Great Poets of islam

22 Sorry, I’m a bit dead

23 Old boots, pocket-corners, smell of tobacco

24 They have moved him from Cardiff to Oxford

25 Safety Net

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