Friday, October 16, 2020

 Prompts (13:30)

01 The Five o’clock hooter, men’s boots

02 This place, a different tongue

03 You had ONE job, Mrs Achilles!

04 Beginning? End? You choose…

05 Let’s talk about something nice


06 Parmesan

07 You may share my blanket

08 You’re talking out of your third eye

09 Marie is driving to Emergency

10 Dad’s Wheelchair


11 We are waiting for the plumber

12 Is the bed larger or the room smaller?

13 He has decided to be old

14 Daffodils EveryFuckingWhere

15 The room wanted peace


16 Too early

17 The children have Kalashnikovs now

18 As the crow dies

19 Red, Brown or Naked?

20 Not much of a funeral but the wake was OK


21 That story about the sparrow

22 Needle, Thimble, Thread

23 A narrow street in a tiny town

24 Jesus, 2020

25 In my next story my mother is alive

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