Sunday, October 18, 2020


They are colourising World War One now.  It is SO much better.  I didn’t know that fresh blood was lipsticked bright-red, dried blood darker. They really should do something about that. People might not realise there is more than one kind of blood.

ISIS in Mosul had a white prefab media building where they orchestrated their PR. Those orange death-suits were a good choice. There were morning conferences to discuss the best lighting, the most efficient camera angles for beheadings. It was deemed important that Facebook executions maintained high standards of virality.


TBF Hitler & Musssolini were always immaculate. No-one calls Trump a scruff. Appearances do matter. If their women and children are being herded onto the trains, at least make sure the Oberleutnant looks good.


People forget: someone has to wash the Fuhrer’s underwear and someone polished Il Duce’s perfect boots. Was it a Jew who pressed the General’s perfect uniform? Did a shrunken Jewish chemist polish his Iron Cross?


Those trenches, though, all that grey mud. It seems to be one shade, even after all our trickery. Perhaps they should leave the mud grey, the uniforms grey, and like Schindler’s one red-coated girl, show only the silver glint of bayonets, the pink of boyish faces in their last second, and the blood of course, but one red for clarity.


The selective use of colour can add, no doubt about it. Except for Gas Gangrene. Do not Google “Gas Gangrene”, do not select images. It will ruin your Sunday.



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