Sunday, October 18, 2020

 Prompts from Saturday

01 Dandelions make you wet the bed

02 Do not cheat me of my life

03 Give the children wood, sharp instruments

04 You’re dismissed.

05 A little water please


06 Dynamo!

07 Gentle, please, slowly. Let me smell perfume

08 Our pockets were full

09 Swirl the balls around, take one.

10 The sky is swollen


11 After the music, a small death

12 McLintock found himself a woman

13 I need to shave

14 Oklahoma!

15 I have Southern Comfort, but no Coke


16 We found him, trying to take a shit

17 Butter? Margarine?

18 Goggle-Eyes!!

19 He fought a negro pugilist

20 A story beginning: “They brought him out, bearded, dirty, defiant.”


21 Play “YMCA” on repeat and write

22 A mouth full of dried insects, dead


24 He left his bike tied to wet railings

25 A sky too big for loving

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