Tuesday, October 27, 2020




01 Between the sea and tall white hotels

02 Interpreting Chekhov

03 From the still half-open moment

04 Musical houses, the music stops

05 The art of not giving a fuck.


06 Feathers from the moon

07 Suck a bucketful of dicks!

08 Alone in Tesco, English Breakfast tea                                                         

09 How I wobble

10 Wild Nights!


11 Scouring the earth for lines

12 Broccoli, Red Pepper, Apple, Pine-Nuts

13 My mother in the garden

14 Double sheets, king-sized duvet

15 The state of unemployment in Sicily


16 A timid tourist, his small camera

17 Top of the league

18 If we are voting on my death; I must abstain

19 I grow old, I grow old. I shall wear my trousers rolled

20 The child prays, waiting for the magic


21 What is sometimes called “other”

22 Message from Sydney

23 The steps to the cathedral; salt

24 I shall wear purple

25 The heavy logs upon a wet fire

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