Friday, October 23, 2020

 Friday Prompts

October 23rd, 2020. 10:00 AM GMT

01 This time my baby really did run away

02 Fort Dunlop is apartments now

03 In a quantum world he might have survived

04 We are ripped apart and cannot heal

05 The night above the night below


06 Play with the turtle awhile; it makes the meat more tender

07 I learn a new word every day

08 A doll in a doll’s house

09 Bison, fine women with high cheekbones

10 I grow fine potatoes but am not known for leeks


11 Slowly, patiently, picking at the scab

12 I am going to be an Owl, woohooo!

13 The Bulgarian Meme Factory

14 The Covid nurse’s stigmata

15 Naked in Starbucks


16 If I was a rat, I would be a fine rat

17 Imagine a hole where your face should be

18 The soft eyes open then slowly close

19 Various methods of farewell

20 With said knowledge, how would you proceed?


21 Heaney freewheels slowly down the hill

22 Breakfast, soft-boiled eggs, the paper, dreams

23 The sandy footprints of small pink feet

24 Never give up giving-up

25 Momentum killed him



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