Wednesday, April 13, 2016

March Prompts 7126-7150

Wednesday, April 13th, 07:40

7126 My proud little boy; his proud little salute!
7127 I wouldn’t try to get there from yur
7128 Her soul was cracked and bleeding
7129 I am thinking of the click of glasses, the trickle of amber
7130 Or I could live, I suppose

7131 He is sort of impressive in a dead-Hitler way
7132 I would like to be an aged professor seduced by a student
7133 I’m bored. Can we copulate?
7134 Is it true Vaseline burns, hot-lips?
7135 Her heart was like a hot wet rat

7136 Kiss me! Kiss me! Share my pain!
7137 I could save Africa or buy a house in Croydon
7138 An evening with Ken Livingstone
7139 Dearest Mother, Will you just fuck off?
7140 I will put some French in a poem

7141 The Magic Cash-Dispenser
7142 NOT a good idea
7143 The Camel-Bollock Squashing Technique
7144 Truth Lenses
7145 As bent as a nine-bob note

7146 Wanna get bored together, complain about the heat?
7147 If I was normal, I’d —
7148 Never mind the fucking Elephant in the Room
7149 What about the body in the trunk?

7150 Things can only get better (excluding the million dead)

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