Sunday, March 15, 2015

More March Madness Prompts (Sex)

March Madness


 (Mar 15 2015) 

 07:50 Sunday

1576 Tin-Baths and Satellite Dishes
1577 God told me to kill the child.
1578 Greeks fighting Serbs fighting Croats, Bulgarians
1579 The homeless under sacks, the coughs in alleyways
1580 A woman in perfect beige on a horse shining black

1581 Apparently we have things called hormones
1582  New Year's Eve, 1913
1583 They are putting sawdust down, then mud, feathers
1584 Bulletinss from bigots
1585 The dirty smell of stale beer and men

1586 Well, officially it was a war, but only 10,000 dead
1587 It will be better with SKY and European Games
1588 Those conceived with neither love nor hate
1589 Beautiful women carry great sadness
1590 Whistler, Gaugin, Monet, Pissarro, 1903. Picasso

1591 A swell time, fat steaks, good beer, the lads
1592 Slate is never clean
1593 A page of news tumbling over in the wind
1594 Fucking in his Rediffusion Van
1595 McDonald's from two hundred yards away

1596 There's an Italian bloke down on Lavernock Point
1507 Renting furnished for quicker getaways
1598 All we have is rugby and fighting sergeants
1599 The fag-end of a Tuesday night
1600 Except, accidentally, about once in ten years, someone gets out

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