Sunday, April 26, 2015

New Blast "MAYHEM"

Mayhem Prompts 001  

26-April, 08:38 Sunday 

1601 Muesli, with a sprinkle of gunpowder
1602 To stand alone, quiet, barefoot on grass, listening to a warm, fat night
1603 When the world was two-thirds red
1604 Treacle
1605 Deserts, mountains, bloated rivers

1606 The first time, blue snow
1607 If the sea was impossible, if daylight burned us
1608 China, Australia
1609 The sadness of discarded clothes
1610 Now, after a storm, while the world is fat and electric

1611 Jane Cliche and Alex Stock
1612 Basalt, Granite
1613 To be swept up into the magnificence
1614 Whatever is in wind, it isn't joy
1615 Tragedies become footnotes

1616 There is something about islands
1617 Colander
1618 No truth is hidden
1619 The happiness behind the painted smile
1620 Take advantage of our half-price offer

1621 You wore red, always red, and the world was monochrome
1622 There is tangential love or you can have sets
1623 Cauliflower
1624 The first time you fell down, you laughed
1625 Storms always subside

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