Thursday, October 15, 2009

28 Days Prompts. Thursday 15th October

The Dogs are Gone

In Eastbourne, or Lewes. Well Brighton Way

The Rain it was that killed us

Two Bites

Forgive me. I am about to break wind

He hit him in the head

Three lonely guys and a sad old dog

Mary Ellen at the Pawn Shop door, baby in her hand and the bundle on the floor

Polishing the threshhold


The wind off the sea whipping our faces

Bugs live in spotless houses

Soaping, scrubbing, swilling off

He moved from Salop to Splott

Coal Dust signature

This is Tom. This is Jane. Tom Loves Jane. Jane loves Frank.

A soiled mattress, bugs, probably


In about 1900, here or hereabouts

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