Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Wednesday November 18th



01 A world without smells, without taste
02 Sunlight: rolling up the valley
03 It is time to drum out the harlot
04 The sheep are nervous
05 Something slightly longer here, or wide, or deep

06 Every child in grey except the one in pink
07 The heavy lips of night
08 There are differences, and similarities
09 Our starch white collars, heavy hymns
10 A crow looked at me


11 I say to you today: one of you will kill me
12 The muffled drums, the itching bums
13 God made man. The Devil made Tories
14 It is hard to be a boy and not piss in snow
15 They have come to bury Marcus


16 I keep a cobra in my pants
17 Tell me where you are going; what you hope to see
18 My cat ate poisonous mushrooms, died on the ceiling
19 When June is so far off you cry
20 Trees bent with guilt


21 How were the plays? Did you see a play?
22 When I mix red and yellow I get brown
23 Sky like a sheet of steel
24 We wander but we are not lost
25 They are watering the street and planting bollard seeds

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