Saturday, November 28, 2020

Sunday Morning Prompts 29th November


01 We stormed the stage, roaring
02 The hairs upon my arse
03 Raking the leaves, he stops, looks up
04 Thinking about a cottage in Wales
05 Mickey is feeling Goofy

06 Following a stranger, taking notes
07 I wish the trees were not so dark
08 Your body, mine
09 The hands that once held hammers
10 Four walls, five windows

11 Minnie Mouse has OD’d
12 The slow tick-tick of a turning wheel
13 The loves of Kitty Coffin
14 She lived in a series of expensive flats
15 Double bed, white sheets

16 I wait, in a lonely, empty place
17 They are building scaffolds again
18 Every other Friday, my wife becomes a man
19 All my poems are uncollected
20 A compound fracture

21 We have invited sorrow
22 I wake at three, screaming
23 Georgie Robert’s Spud-Gun
24 I am ironing underwear
25 Sometimes I hide in bushes. I just do

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