Wednesday, November 25, 2020


Wednesday, November 25th 09:35

01 The youngest adult in the world
02 Mary, Mary quite conforming
03 Something is alive out there
04 The stink of my body
05 My mother once swam in this river

06 A vegetarian meal, except for the meat
07 Wheels and engine are extras
08 I will sleep in a cave, my knife held close
09 A heart like a lost golf-ball
10 You can lose innocence, but never find it.

11 We will hang the artist in the Tate
12 Fishy in the Water
13 The valley darkens
14 A mine with poems in the seams
15 A snail is full of hope until the boot upon it

16 On the first day of Christmas
17 A battered trumpet in a Hawthorn hedge
18 Keyhole, spark
19 There are many obstacles to our love
20 A shiny hip-flask, initials embossed

21 He was ten feet tall in his jammies
22 I’m the goalie who lets in nine
23 Fuck that for a bunch of soldiers
24 I am rising. Be gone when I get back
25 I know longer enjoy birthdays

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