Monday, November 23, 2020


Monday 23 November, 2020


01 A mad bastard abroad, we will hunt him out
02 An old smell, dead piss, skin
03 Why would you climb down that?
04 Talking of Jesus etc
05 I am practising ignorance, unreading

06 Caught in a dead-end gunnel
07 Randomly underfoot
08 The air seems softer now; warm.
09 I have given up giving up
10 The dead depart: destination unknown

11 The opposite of surrender is submit
12 Now is the winter of out recompense
13 When poverty comes
14 Spiders in my eyes
15 When we got there it was somewhere else

16 When you are grown you will not thank me
17 The sparrow through the hall
18 I would like a disability, not too great
19 Promoted to sweep
20 Bad dreams, dreams that are wild, flying!

21 This is my favourite horse but the saddle is old
22 Two tin-tacks
23 So very late to still be coming home
24 Ebeneezer
25 I am searching for someone lonelier than me

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