Tuesday, February 02, 2016

February Prompts 5776-5800 

2nd February 15:45

5776 A year of triumph or disaster
5777 Fat, really, but very, very clever, misses nothing
5778 Feather boas, veils and thirties wigs
5779 A collection of ladies’ hat-pins
5780 I was dreadfully upset

5781 There is something terribly institutional about government entertaining
5782 Caught the early train to Northampton
5783 Her husband ran off with the nanny
5784 Everything done with panache
5785 The profile (and the heart) of a vulture

5786 She made all the other women look plain
5787 A faded, rather shabby institution these days
5788 Atmosphere heavy with economic gloom
5789 Made to feel like servants
5790 I owe a great deal to The Spectator

5791 The Duchess looked pale and tired
5792 Terrific, glamorous, decadent. I loved every second
5793 Diana’s pale blue eyes rather terrified me
5794 Celebrity of the week on Women’s Hour
5795 A raving mob of demonstrators at the doors

5796 Ostracised by her set for turning socialist
5797 A mind filled by nothing and everything
5798 Seventy-eight, still in love with life
5799 All she ever wanted was one good portrait and books
5800 Life seems to have been one long party

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