Wednesday, February 03, 2021

 The zoo is rubble, the animals confused

Jill of all trades and everybody’s mistress

My son has shaved the family canary

In all their piquant, painful, funny moments

Calm Down! We’re all friends here

The caterpillar waving in the air

Let’s call this your Everest

I would like a pen-friend

Alice-with-matches in Pudding Lane

Sometimes I wonder; the pain I have felt

We are on a train from Rome to Munich

We just go on assuming

Failed marriages, love affairs, illnesses

The Germans had the best uniforms

The purr of your electric razor

This, a part of their abidance

Amazon is coming today!!

We watch an island being born

High on some mountain, affected by what is lacking

Once, in The Black Forest, my tent collapsed

Princes, Popes, Philosophers and Pigs

But I had a severe intestinal malfunction

The Butler has set himself on fire

Dear Cal, you owe me nothing, nothing!

I was called away to see a calving

I started reading “The Collected Letters”

I have written to my aged parents: could they pretend they never loved me?

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