Saturday, February 06, 2021


Between then and a good time later
The Moose
Let us talk about the things we thought we wanted

I like the even un-even beat
Old Brown Things
The view from her apartment, Copacabana

She keeps a dead bird in her purse
The speed of the incoming tired
This is how the days were lost

Saving the cow
They have lined The Mall with barbed-wire
Playing dominoes in the Snug

Before I went to stay with my aunt
I have learnt many unimportant things
A black shoe, hammering on a table

The police arrived and we all went blind
Manuel, the blind knife-thrower
I cannot say my name

The dark smell of old fat buses
When stones rise from the sea
Bulldog on a trampoline

The Prince in his immaculate LandRover
You have dismantled me
Why the committee carried my mother’s coffin

The village is drowning
Another mug of tea
King Liar in a world of lies

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