Thursday, February 04, 2021


The enumerated parts of a church

His best brown boots
The unseen dangers of Lycra

He left his overcoat absorbing smoke
But if I die I’ll miss you!
The Woolworth’s Women are rising

How they loved, hated, cheated each other
The growing grey stain on the bathroom floor
Can a masochist love his wife?

Two ready avocados
I am trying a pony-tail. It means nothing
Songs for my funeral

The Stepford Husbands
You Raise me Up!
A Kitchen-Sink Comedy

Somewhere, rain becoming drizzle
No, it’s really about a pigeon
They have freed the poets. RUN!!

Water-in, Water-out, Repeat
Two little Chinese kids, singing
The pain in my big toe

An early-morning enema
When the boys finally leave
Why does Frank Sinatra SOOTHE?

Rules for vetting lodgers
I need to be disturbed
Why towels should be ironed and folded.

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