Saturday, November 20, 2021

 Saturday November 20th, 05:58

379 Eventually, the people will respond
380 The List
381 My mother’s cousin’s brother-in-law

382 The ruins of ancient cathedrals
384 Somewhere on the spectrum

385 A torch that sends darkness
386 One Helluva Book
387 A drum-kit, a bicycle, Lego

388 It is difficult to say this, but NO.
389 They Return
390 Close the blinds, stay quiet, eat slowly

391 Sitting down with old, wise men
392 Fortune-Teller
393 Vatican, Sacre Coeur, St Pauls

394 How it is when death appears
396 Mothers, gather up your children

397 White horses, perfect riders, the brush
398 Various Brazilians
399 Dark red rivers, cyanide

400 The Poetry in a boiling kettle
401 Party Time
402 The Smell of My Father

403 How Edward Jones earned his spurs
404 Dark Streets
405 It is enough that you wanted to,

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