Thursday, November 25, 2021

 25 Prompts November 25 (2) - (576-600)

576 They come with bulldozers one day

577 No, we don’t own tents. There space, you sleep
578 Maybe I work in Harrods Warehouse
579 France shit. France cold. Police Baaaad

580 My tobacco, Red-Bull, Nutella, Biscoff Spread
581 I am born in Asmara, Eritrea
582 I doan know where my Mom is
583 He has books about people like us

584 Fifty-Seven pounds every week
585 Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya, Sicily, italy, France, England
586 No space you try next tent
587 I am very hard-working boy

588 From Basrah, from Ethiopia, from Sudan
589 Social Workers say I don’t ask enough questions
590 I will want to be PLUMBER
591 I have to write cv. 

592 I like Amazon things from China
593 When I was thirteen I run away, hide from soldiers
594 teachers say too many questions - you dumb?
595 I like football, Messi, Ronaldo, PSG, Man City

596 He sits in chair now, with wheels, but he OK
597 I have to write her eulogy
598 I have long hair, different every day. My friend do me.
599 In the lounge a big TV, I like football on iPad

600 I can say Fuck, shit, bollocks, wanker, all the words

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