Sunday, January 02, 2022


Sunday, January 2nd, 2022, 11 AM

0026 The bee that will kill him rises from a flower
0028 When angels speak, man is deaf and blind
0029 I am lonely, feeble-minded, drinking too much. Bed!
0030 Friday, a wretched wet day

0031 If you say no, I will move to an island and keep ferrets
0032 Paul languishes in Maidstone Prison
0033 Hindsight said, “I told you so”, the liar!
0034 Clowns such as those that make us weep
0035 Let’s pretend we will never tire of each other

0036 It is tragic, but simply, he is not a gentleman
0037 All I am able to give I give and more
0038 A happy and auspicious moment, like stumbling on a bird’s song
0039 I’m afraid Beatrice is being influenced by her mother
0040 This particular winter, a particular cold, particularly dark

0041 I have various chores, admin, accounts
0042 A new cheese-grater!
0043 Your smile, when everyone else is gloom
0044 EGYPT!
0045 I think of the time before I had to choose

0046 Love me for love’s sake only, for air, for light
0047 Letters are pouring in from India
0048 Out with Grace and Irene to watch Mrs Miniver
0049 My dear, dark, love
0050 I am irritable, exhausted, waiting on your call

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