Thursday, January 06, 2022



Wednesday, January 6th, 2022, 


0151 Came home to a candle-lit dining room reeking of confession
0152 Student, you are LATE!
0153 The duchess looked so thin, but still ravishing
0154 Crowded woods, unvaryingly brown
0155 Fiends crept in and replaced all my belts

0156 After the wet, dark days, the country is alive again!
0157 He said “I’ve cut my throat, bitch.”
0158 The brightest sunshine, went out at two
0159 Ivy on oaks like serpents
0160 Somehow he is a snob but with the common touch

0161 Garden flowers are dancing beneath sunbeams
0162 She is prejudiced and verbally violent
0163 Remembering yellow grass-slides and cardboard sledges
0164 What villainous mystery is this!
0165 This, this is what we have come to Mrs Jenkins

0166 Super-successful luncheon with the Graces!
0167 Purple-starred hepatica everywhere
0168 While on a cruise, my house was burgled
0170 The green paths down the hillsides are channels for streams

0171 While I was on holiday, my work-clothes shrunk!
0172 Company witty and gay, a pleasure
0173 Everyone says I look too severe
0174 We sat under firs in the park
0175 I said, “Try not to make a mess.”

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