Tuesday, January 11, 2022


11th January


301 Someting soft, sweet, slow, like proper hot chocolate
302 If you really want to hear about it…
303 We married to stop the comments, divorced in the kitchen that night
304 Bombazine
305 People have stared at me all my life

306 Yes, I HAVE been rescued by a helicopter
307 I need novel ways of killing. Any thoughts?
308 The David Copperfield, Oliver Twist shit
309 Sometimes I dilly-dally. Other days I shilly-shally
310 Once upon a time, really, I fixed jet-fighters

311 The heart of the Kittiwake
312 I want to marry a man who looks good in tweeds
313 As you run a nail lightly down the inside of my arm
314 The shack people have come out into the rain
315 Nineteen tons of screaming shit strapped to your arse

316 What we need is new words, other colours
317 Went back to sin and lust, the joy of each other
318 What would it be like to get married every day?
319 Here the voices, see them dance.
320 He bought an accordion. I left

321 Five matching blue-gingham dresses
322 My teeth itch and I have a rash on my eyeballs
323 That, THAT is joy
324 Don't get married at Disney! Jeez!
325 No, I HATE cats, really, truly despise them

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