Friday, January 14, 2022

 Early Prompts for

Saturday 15th January, 08:00

426 After each break, it's a good idea to leave a little flesh
427 Never Call retreat
428 I like the more simple man. Simple millionaires are the best
429 A fancy T-eaTowel
430 This way is a possibility, or you can go the easy way

431 Climb into the Boeing's wheel-well
432 Tail-Gunner, South Wales, name of Jones
433 The Coming Fury
434 Paper Boys in tiny pieces
435 OK, I finally died, but it was not my intention

436 I'm what you might called "grizzled" (and smell a little)
437 There are bits of me down many sofas
438 Men in tight Lycra just LOOK wrong
439 The lingering smell of smoked mackerel
440 Here in the outback, that's REAL pretty

441 MAGIC!
442 Yet you love my fingerless stumps
443 I would like to live on a cruise ship
444 You ditched me for a brainless, boob-less millionairess?
445 His wife would eat no lean

446 If a shake and fall apart, tell me to pull myself together
447 Since my tragic death (the week after next)
448 Let's all go to sea in a tiny, tiny plastic boat
449 We need to call a meeting. Everybody there!

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