Wednesday, January 12, 2022

 Wednesday, January 12th


326 Rain on windows, a fugg inside: love
327 That day, innocence came
328 When I remember her, I remember daffodils
329 You travel by train through a foreign country

331 The dream roads of a perfumed island
332 Clouds over the mountains
333 We move through these cities in circles
334 Think hard. Think harder! Try to remember!
335 The swelling geometry of crags in mist

336 When your favourite author writes a shit book
337 He felt he was more comfortable in the datk
338 I wish I could sing like Gonzo
339 Streets to rivers, rivers to floods
340 Got a big job in Hastings, Tomoz OK?

341 Big Spender!!
342 We have 4,000 weeks, cradle to grave
343 Ship of Theseus. To you Trigger's Broom.
344 Lanes, hedges, weeds, dead bodies
345 Skulls have holes where lips once were

346 Next year there will be no September
347 I must tell you about London
348 The Law of Blenkinsop's Trousers
349 It's too compicated to explain
350 I watched a murder from a slow train, so fast it was a dream

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