Thursday, January 13, 2022



Thursday January 13, 2022

351 Greenwich Mean Time 11:16 PM, August 5th, 1945
352 The acid tang of NO
353 The moon is jerky, see?
354 The aching, waiting deaths, fighter planes on the pan
355 Let us escape, you and I, into the absurd

356 The sound of a bugle but the horses retreating
357 My son towers above me as I wait the knife
358 There are un-named girls I remember
359 Do you bite your thumb at me, Sir?
360 My eyes half-full, my heart swelling

361 You deceive in a believable way
362 As her train pulls away, stutters, stops
363 What now, above a dark well, you hear your name?
364 Are still things actually unmoving or unmoved?
365 When time is a commodity

366 We remember our first. Our last remembers us.
367 A frog down her blouse
368 To you dirt, to us soil, to the bugs, Heaven
369 Do antiques think they are old?
370 Quickly, stamp out the fire!

371 Is an articulated lorry, well-spoken?
372 Chocolates in a thousand flavours
373 Some things are never learned
374 I can't dance but I have a water-bed
375 You cannot understand grief, just "probable cause".

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