Friday, January 07, 2022

 Friday Prompts


201 They have banned music and singing now
202 Sea, dull grey, sober, the sky dark with a looming storm
203 No need to be first; just don't be last
204 Name's Bill. I work the telegraph here.
205 I will learn Portugese

206 Annoying some neighbour's dog
207 Only old men know Morse Code
208 He is in the bath, polishing brass
209 I will wrap you in silver foil and plug your ears
210 The slow tick of gradual realisation

211 A multitude of stars. Small. Bright, sharp
212 When all this is over, said the donkey
213 You, me, a priest and a hangman
214 Me and you in a jet, how 'bout it?
215 So what are you reading?

216 A woodman walking slow, his pony laden
217 I am trying to breathe differently
218 Never date a gynaecologist
219 If pigs could talk and carry banners
220 Uncivil War

221 William walked to the top of the hill to watch the sea
222 A car changing gear, a small shiut
223 Every window blasting a different tune. A cacophony
224 A dog cocks its leg to piss
225 Hedgerows glittering with a million watery diamonds

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