Thursday, January 20, 2022

Thursday Morning, January 20th

626 The worst time of the year for such a trip

627 Storms, recalcitrant crews, scurvy

628 I am black, hard, shiny, and totally unforgiving

629 She dowses the candle, unaware

630 See it, chew it, swallow, shit it out later


632 She wore a silver cross, her grandmother's

633 As God gets smaller he becomes a Demon

634 Let us lie here together, our heads in the oven

635 I am in love with the twin who drowned

636 Kneeling to pray

637 From the fourth floor or the eighth, darling?

638 I would rather not be here

639 We are all prettier by candle-light, better perfumed

640 She is aware, faintly, that she is breathing

641 Weeds, dirty as sin, like lunatics grabbing at legs

642 A songbird mute with fear

643 Impervious as a rolling tank

644 Fruit, flowers, golden, swaying grass

645 I would like a little house, one door, no windows

646 Images of Saints

647 This is us, falling, falling. Feel the air!

648 Your Long Covid Clinic Appointment

649 Lovers rushing into the night

650 Say something to make me laugh, something to make me weep

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