Friday, January 14, 2022


Friday, January 14th


401 I got up, sorry with indigestion, and worked at my desk until six
402 The sharp smell of love gone wrong
403 A super-brilliant chap getting on with the job
404 She looked out of her windwo, down at Brighton
405 We are all shaky about Spain

406 Killing gulls for fun
407 A hall full of angry poultry-breeders
408 Sinners, Saints, Hypocrites
409 The sharp cries of Kittiwakes
410 He is ill? He asked, with barely concealed satisfaction

412 It was a relief when he sat down
413 The IDIOT
414 Rolling naked from be, desperate to piss
415 Puffins by the million

416 We used to frequent brothels together
417 Surtsey emerging in 1963
418 A room full of pink fluffy pigs
419 Chick Peas the old way
420 A touched-with-cream look about her

421 ten million square miles of ocean
422 An anxious journey in an open boat
423 Human affairs, say I. Not hens and barley.
424 Where exactly IS Monterey?
425 He is a dull dog but fiendishly ambitious

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