Wednesday, November 10, 2021

November 2021 - Prompts 008 - 

Wednesday, November 10th

176 I could leave but I have decided to stay

177 He was a prince, once

178 Death of the Herbalist’s Husband

179 i-Phone 99

180 This is what you look like, splattered on the floor

181 We howled through the cold nights

182 An Evil Cradling

183 Love? Ah, Love, the Bloody Armistice

184 Tin-Tack

185 To Radios Married. It was a great reception!

186 Some of us hissed, some booed, someone laughed

187 Sleep Score 41%

188 One day we will be able to talk between cities

189 Cyanide on the NHS

190 Seventeen ways to find a plumber

191 Let me decorate this with a little carnage

192 The Chancellor

193 In my story I am dead, but I wasn’t then

194 The first inter-galactic call

195 The Short, Unhappy Life of John J Smith

196 I found my old tutor on a list


198 Mr and Mrs Bates and their son Master Bates.

199 Dead Man’s Fingers

200 Hear that echo, that echo, echo, o, o, o?

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