Wednesday, January 27, 2021


Fog is enveloping the cities, trees

I was born long ago but I am not old

There is something familiar about the way you are dying

Selling soup in Abu Dhabi

City of unwanted friends

A mature man doesn’t piss in the snow

I believe I think in a different way

A two-faced clock

My head, my belly and my heart is full


When the ventriloquist loses his voice

The Duck Dance

Three men walk down a street

Repent at Pleasure

I have been sober for 37 minutes

We buckle our swashes, Ma’am

Swan Pond

Some times are Sand, some Smoke

You, my condemned fellows

We shot many and buried the survivors

Pulling a mountain is easier than pushing string

The fog settles, the night comes alive

Uncircumcised Jewish Babies

My Pet Worm

Dimes, cents, dollar-bills

Put the coffin on the cart

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