Monday, January 25, 2021


Deadly Virus Localised Area

A tall glass building with no exits

What is the difference between a big bush and a small tree?

Shot by the Black ’n Tans


The man who wore suits to bed

Bananas are herbs, tomatoes fruit

Is the answer some kind of system?

Keats, the randy poet

The difference between butter and margarine

Her husband’s father’s son

Crossword, paper. Cut out the competition


Monday is Yellow. Tuesday is Green

For two pounds of potatoes and a turnip

Follow Me! I’m right behind you!

Flabbergasted Flibbertigibbets

I beg t’differ wit cher!

A Trip to the Sun

I need to die young and tragic. Is 73 too late?

Nellie, Paddy, Jenny. Trecco Bay

America; Not-America.

I need a shave. I SO need a shave

Now is the vintner of our nincompoop

The Litmus Test

Ministry of Excuses

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